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About Me

     I am a Miami native and graduate of the University of Miami. I played Quarterback for The U where I met my amazing wife Nicole, who cheered for UM while studying architecture . When I’m not working out or playing football, I’m busy hanging out with our two completely spoiled dogs and enjoying life in sunny south Florida with family and friends. 

     I fell in love with photography and the chance to capture moments, feelings and emotions all in one image!  It all started while taking photography before one of our NFL games with the Colts Team Photographer, Matt Bowen (@mattbowenphoto).  We talked more and more about the nuances of photography on my off days, and it turned out to be something I am very passionate about and simply enjoy doing. During the off season, I had the pleasure of working with one of the best wedding photographers ever, Evan Rich (@evanrphotography) and learned the in and outs of this business. 6 years later, here we are!

     The only thing that lasts longer than a moment is a memory.  As time goes on, those visuals of that memory can get a little cloudy.  Photography enables that memory to evoke all the same emotions as if that moment was yesterday.  The art of capturing your story through a candid perspective and raw emotions is why I love what I do.   The ability to look back at these images well into in the future, with family and friends, and tell the story just as it unfolded is my goal.  Building a relationship and learning your style and your story makes every person I work with even more meaningful and uniquely special to me.

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